571.327  Duties of agricultural hemp seed producers; packaging requirements; information available to growers

(1) An agricultural hemp seed producer registered under ORS 571.305:
(a) Must sell agricultural hemp seed in a manner that complies with any standard established by the Director of Agriculture under ORS 633.511 to 633.750; and
(b) May sell agricultural hemp seed only if the agricultural hemp seed meets any packaging or labeling requirement, or any quality standard, adopted by the director under subsection (2) of this section.
(2) The director may adopt rules establishing packaging requirements, labeling requirements and quality standards for agricultural hemp seed.
(3) The State Department of Agriculture shall make available to growers registered under ORS 571.305 information that identifies agricultural hemp seed producers registered under ORS 571.305 from whom the growers may purchase agricultural hemp seed.
Added by Laws 2016, c. 71, § 8, eff. March 29, 2016.