Oregon Hemp OAR


Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 603


603-048-0010  Definitions

603-048-0100  Registration, generally

603-048-0125  Grower Registration

603-048-0150  Handler Registration

603-048-0200  Applications to Register or Renew Grower Registration

603-048-0225  Application to Register or Renew Handler Registration

603-048-0300  Application to Register or Renew Agricultural Hemp Seed Producer Registration

603-048-0400  Reporting Requirements

603-048-0500  Record Keeping Requirements

603-048-0550  Transport Requirements

603-048-0600  Pre-Harvest Sampling and Testing for Tetrahydrocannabinol

603-048-0630  Failed Pre-Harvest Testing; Retesting

603-048-0650  Industrial Hemp Inspection and Record Reviews

603-048-0700  Registration Fees

603-048-0800  Enforcement and Civil Penalty for Industrial Hemp Law Violation

603-048-0900  Detainment, Seizure, Embargo, and Disposal

603-048-1000  Violations and Penalties

603-048-1100  Registrants Certified or Licensed by OLCC

603-048-1500  Retail Sale Requirements; Restrictions

603-048-2300  Testing of Industrial Hemp for Human Consumption and Hemp Items:

603-048-2305  Purpose

603-048-2310  Definitions

603-048-2315  Ordering Tests

603-048-2320  Compliance Testing Requirements for Industrial Hemp for Human Consumption and Usable Hemp

603-048-2330  Compliance Testing Requirements for Hemp Concentrate or Extract

603-048-2340  Compliance Testing Requirements for Hemp Cannabinoid Products

603-048-2350  Batch Requirements for Compliance Testing

603-048-2380  Site Requirements for Labeling, Storing, and Securing Pre-Tested Industrial Hemp for Human Consumption or Hemp Items; Recordkeeping

603-048-2450  Failed Test Samples

603-048-2480  Additional Testing

603-048-2500  Quality Control and Research and Development Testing